Deck the Halls with Our NEW Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie

Deck the Halls with Our NEW Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie

By Molly V.

Deck the Halls with Our NEW Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie

The team here at Pacific Northwest Cookie Co. is yet again breaking new ground on our mission to make delicious, soft, all-natural cookies that are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Today, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our NEW limited-edition seasonal cookie flavor, Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Working on the Recipe

Creating the recipe for our Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies was a labor of love. We made sure to put in some extra quality assurance to make sure the recipe was just right and would meet the dietary restrictions that so many of our customers rely on us for. 

Peppermint Candy Cane

When we set out to make our very first seasonal flavor, we knew that peppermint had a lot of potential for helping us create a seasonal treat that’s loved by so many. But we didn’t want to just opt for peppermint flavoring and call it a day. Instead, we decided to keep this flavor authentic and fresh by crushing up peppermint candy canes and adding them to our cookie batter. This gave the cookies some textural variety and a burst of fresh, authentic peppermint sweetness that we were trying to capture.

Hot Chocolate

Once we knew the flavor profile that we wanted to capture with the peppermint candy canes, we needed to decide on the cookie base. In all honesty, this was a total no-brainer decision — we absolutely had to use a chocolate cookie! But not just any chocolate cookie would do. In true Pacific Northwest Cookie Co. fashion, it had to be vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free (obviously) and complement the peppermint flavor without overwhelming it. Looking to our Double Chocolate Cookie recipe as a base, we reworked the recipe slightly to capture that warm hot chocolate flavor you’ll find in the Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie. 

Pairing Suggestion

Anyone can eat these cookies as-is and enjoy the experience but you can also easily step up the cookie experience by following one of our pairing suggestions below. 

  • Freeze ‘em: Freeze your Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies and pair them with a cup of your favorite warm beverage. A cup or coffee, vanilla latte, or a cup of hot cocoa should do the trick without a lot of fuss.

  • Heat ‘em: Place your Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies on a microwave-safe plate and heat them up for 5 seconds or so in the microwave. When they’re warm, dip them in a glass of ice-cold milk or dairy-free milk alternative for that perfect hot/cold balance that will instantly make you melt. 

  • Crumble ‘em: If you’re looking for a sweet topping to add to your next bowl of coconut milk cream or frozen yogurt, crumble some of your Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie over the top and instantly add some pizzazz to an oftentimes redundant after-dinner treat. We think they’d also be a great addition to add to a creamy vegan vanilla milkshake.

Try Our NEW Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies

These Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies have the perfect cookie texture (trust us, you won’t believe they’re vegan or gluten-free! 🙌) and boast that mouth-watering chocolate peppermint flavor that so many of us crave during the holiday season. They’re decadent, chewy, soft, and perfect for the holidays. These cookies are only hanging around during the holiday season so be sure to order a Single Pack, Double Pack, or Box of 6 today while supplies last.

This year, leave the holiday baking to us. Our Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies are here to help you ring in the holiday cheer with happy hearts and full tummies! 

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