Cookies that are
vegan and gluten-free.
...oh, and insanely delicious too.

Wholesome Ingredients ∙ Locally Sourced ∙ Cookie Monster Approved

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What makes us different?

Eat guilt-free.
Eat wholesome.

Our cookies are always made with wholesome, recognizable ingredients that are both vegan and gluten-free so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere with confidence.

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Incredible flavor.
Incredible texture.

We’ve cracked the cookie code using locally sourced ingredients all without compromising flavor, texture and those little nuances that make a cookie, a cookie. They're so delicious that you could share them with your most cynical friends and they’ll never know they're vegan and gluten-free.

Live your lifestyle
in a BIG way.

We are the only vegan and gluten-free cookie on the market, plus our cookies are HUGE! (Four inches in diameter to be exact). Whether you need an energizing treat, have a sweet-tooth after dinner, or just need a healthy mid-night snack, our cookies help you live the vegan and gluten-free lifestyle you're committed to. 

Easy to order.
Easier to eat.

Forget having to make complicated recipes for yourself and your family.  Our cookies conveniently come in boxes of 6 and our online ordering is easy and simple to use. Just pick and go! Never worry about having a healthy snack around your house again!

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Freshly baked to order and arrives in just a few days.

Because our cookies are vegan and gluten-free, they are baked fresh, chilled and delivered rapidly to your door for you to enjoy within just a few days. Freeze them and thaw as you wish to eat them! It's that simple.

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How It Works

  • Cookie Box

    1. Choose a Cookie Box

    Explore our six different gluten-free and vegan cookie flavors and choose your favorite cookie boxes.

  • Shipping

    2. Order or Subscribe

    Easily place an order or create a subscription to save money and automatically receive your cookies at intervals that work for your schedule.

  • Cookie Eating

    3. Receive in a Few Days

    Your cookies usually ship in 1 business day and arrive at your door within 3 days. Freeze, thaw and enjoy!

Try Risk Free. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Flavors

Chocolate Chip

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Double Chocolate

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Oatmeal & Raisin

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Customer Stories.

"Every time I think about these cookies, my mouth starts watering. I’m not sure there’s anything else in the world that’s vegan and gluten-free and tastes this good."

-Dale P.

"Unbelievably good vegan cookies! Very hard to tell they are vegan as they taste THAT good!"

-Elaine R.

"I have no dietary restrictions but had I not known they were vegan I wouldn't know! They are just delicious cookies that just so happen to be vegan as well. My son can't have dairy of any sort however, and it feels good knowing I can give him a quality tasting treat with no worries of dairy."

-Jen P.